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At Naturebytes, our goal is to make the latest wildlife technologies accessible for everyone to reconnect with nature and protect their local wildlife.

We are a community of conservation, education and technology experts combining our skills to create the next generation of conservationists and protect our planet.

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Naturebytes is a community that creates and uses technology to reconnect people with wildlife in new and exciting ways.


We have built activities and materials specifically designed for educators of all abilities…


With Naturebytes, everyone can help wildlife. Join a new generation of conservationists.

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We take the best wildlife technology and make it accessible for all.


We have created a range of build-it-yourself, smart wildlife technology for everyone.

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Looking back: Wild Dubai

Looking back: Wild Dubai

Looking back: Wild DubaiNaturebytes education programmes are specifically designed for educators of all abilities to deliver workshops which provide new STEM skills and reconnect people with wildlife.Before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Naturebytes was invited by...

Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch 2022, Get Involved! It’s coming up to the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch taking place 28 - 30 of January. Time for you to get involved and help protect and monitor your local bird populations! What is the Big Garden Birdwatch? Big Garden...

Kits, Bears, Badgers & Elephants

Kits, Bears, Badgers & Elephants

We're sharing a few inspiring examples of how the naturebytes cam cases are being adapted by conservationists to research and protect wildlife around the world. Check them out!Thermal Polar Bears To reduce human-polar bear conflict in arctic towns, researchers adapted...

Naturebytes have made the best Raspberry Pi camera we’ve come across.

- Raspberry Pi Foundation

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